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උදව් අවැසි අය සහ සාමාජීය ප්‍රශ්න පිළිබදව පහසුවෙන් දැනුම්දීමට නිර්මාණය කරන ලද පද්ධතියකි. TechLabsහි අරමුදල් මත ක්‍රියාත්මක  වේ. වෙබ් අඩවිය නිර්මාණය TechLabs ඉංජිනේරුවරුන් විසින් සිදුකරන ලදී. (Community Complaint Managemet System designed by TechLabs Engineers. Operates under TechLabs funds.)

The website is designed mainly as a platform to help low income people in Sri Lanka and to inform the problems of the society. TechLabs engineers develop the system.

There are easy steps to cast our the poverty in your village. The time that you wait for getting help from politicians or from the government has come to the end now. We are ready to share your problems with kind-hearted people around the world.

What you have to do is that to go to and select the category in question section and enter the details and photos and confirm it. The person who does the complaint can also view the status of that notice / complaint. Our team ( – SamajaSathkaralk Foundation Team) will investigate the issue and offer help as soon as possible.

TechLabs do the funding for travelling and do the necessary technical support.


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